End of the year reflection

This year in Ms.Walls class I have learned the deeper thinking that is involved in the topic of theology. This class has brought me closer to god and has showed me a greater meaning to the faith and to the controversial topics that are occurring around the topic. My relationship with god has matured through this year. It will continue to mature as the years go by and I grow in faith.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”-Mother Teresa
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The multiple discussions we had in our class were always very entertaining as they had very respectable opinions on every conversation. The discussions that usually turned into debates were always very interesting as they always were related to the topic of theology. The topic on the different religions were very


Theology in school

Honestly the teaching of theology is necessary in our schools today. This is why we need to start teaching other schools like public schools somewhat about theology. Through this they can understand how to grow in their faith and in relationship with god. This can also lessen violence possibly. That is why we must start educating people to build a bigger kingdom of god.

The future generations are changing and in order for us to progress the religion we need to make the necessary changes in order to progress with them. The different retreats can intrigue many people to join our faith and become a active member of the church. The acceptance of outcasts can also progress our church and show how we are also a developing faith.

My faith

Over the years I have been attending catholic schools but at the same time being a faithful Lutheran. Though I was somewhat able to express myself somewhat during the presentation in class it is still different from what my actually faith is like. I know more about the Catholic  faith then the Lutheran faith as I experience it everyday but only experience Lutheran faith on Sunday during mass.

Having conflicting religions has made it difficult to remember the differences from each other and getting the faiths mixed up. Though the minor details have separated the two faiths, they are still very similiar in  main beliefs. Both still believe in one god and the trinity and the Bible. But the difference is in the sacraments as the Lutheran faith only has 2 sacraments that we believe is neeeded but Catholics have seven sacraments.

These two faiths may be different but through education and faith I have learned how closely related these religions actually are and how they can be unique but similar.

The treatment of other religions

IMG_0448The article and presentations done in class have changed the my perspective on other  religions as a whole. They have their different beliefs from ours but they are still special to them as our religion is special to us. The change in our different types of religions have all been based on the expansion of faith and how it propels us forward and closer to God. We learn from others faith that we are very similar but unique and that has made the separation of certain religions possible.

The presentations showed me more to the different types of faith by giving me a better background and knowledge of the religions and how they can all relate back to either  to our religion or God. This shows how we can still all be children of god but still have different beliefs.



Lutheran Religion Differences between Catholics Religion

This topic is related to the current presentation we are doing on a different religion .

Catholics observe seven sacraments, seven central rituals of the church: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist (Holy Communion), Penance (or Reconciliation), Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony.While Lutherans practice all those seven rituals, they only call two of them sacraments (Baptism and Eucharist).
Catholics do not allow Lutherans to take communion during catholic mass.
Lutherans believe a person is saved by God’s grace alone through faith in Christ alone. The Roman Catholic Church, while at times using similar language, still officially holds that faith, in order to save, must be accompanied by some active within a Christian.

The afterlife from different view points

What do Catholics believe happens after death ?


Catholics believes that after death the soul and the body are separated into two. The body stays on earth while the soul is either in the presence of god or in the absence of god.

What do Muslims believe happens after death?


Muslims believe that of the same as Catholics except the eternity in paradise or eternity in hellfire. They also call it hereafter and believe this is not the full life.

What do Hindus believe happens after death?


Hindus believe in four courses after death.The first, called devayana, way of the gods, is followed by spiritually advanced souls who lead an extremely pure life. The second course, known as pitriyana, way of the fathers, is followed by ritualists who have cherished a desire for the results of their charity, austerity, vows, and worship.

God vs Satan



God vs Satan is a interesting topic which involves the afterlife of our world. Lucifer and God used to be on the same side. Until the sin of jealousy came over the angel Lucifer and he became jealous over god’s power. This caused him to leave god and go down to hell. This eventually leds to the death of Jesus by the devil.

The article makes points  of different things of the devil. For example the point of   Satan attacks mankind. The devil can possess people and control them. Also the death of Jesus led by the devil causing the rage of god. The devil though is believed by the writer of the article that the devil will eventually discontinue.



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In recent years religion vs science has become a main focus in theology. In the current society media has contributed to much of the debate as the contrasting ideas and traditions between the two sides. Though the media magnifies the debate it does not mean that they don’t collaborate in some aspects. recently the debate about science having stem cell research and religion following the processes of Creationism. though many leading scientists are also very religious as the same for religious leaders being scientists. “The religion vs science debate involves a few extremists who strive to shout louder than everyone else does.”

In my opinion on the topic I am split down the middle. I am religious but at the same time I also like the research and innovation that modern science is making and the improvements that are to come in the future. I think I favor the side of science more than religion mostly because it is the side that will advance the next generation. Though I also like the ideas of religion because they make the point that God made everything in his image and that we shouldn’t change the way we are. The topic has changed the perspectives of many people as the topic grows every day and the media adds on to the publicity of the debate.