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In recent years religion vs science has become a main focus in theology. In the current society media has contributed to much of the debate as the contrasting ideas and traditions between the two sides. Though the media magnifies the debate it does not mean that they don’t collaborate in some aspects. recently the debate about science having stem cell research and religion following the processes of Creationism. though many leading scientists are also very religious as the same for religious leaders being scientists. “The religion vs science debate involves a few extremists who strive to shout louder than everyone else does.”

In my opinion on the topic I am split down the middle. I am religious but at the same time I also like the research and innovation that modern science is making and the improvements that are to come in the future. I think I favor the side of science more than religion mostly because it is the side that will advance the next generation. Though I also like the ideas of religion because they make the point that God made everything in his image and that we shouldn’t change the way we are. The topic has changed the perspectives of many people as the topic grows every day and the media adds on to the publicity of the debate.


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