The afterlife from different view points

What do Catholics believe happens after death ?


Catholics believes that after death the soul and the body are separated into two. The body stays on earth while the soul is either in the presence of god or in the absence of god.

What do Muslims believe happens after death?


Muslims believe that of the same as Catholics except the eternity in paradise or eternity in hellfire. They also call it hereafter and believe this is not the full life.

What do Hindus believe happens after death?


Hindus believe in four courses after death.The first, called devayana, way of the gods, is followed by spiritually advanced souls who lead an extremely pure life. The second course, known as pitriyana, way of the fathers, is followed by ritualists who have cherished a desire for the results of their charity, austerity, vows, and worship.


God vs Satan



God vs Satan is a interesting topic which involves the afterlife of our world. Lucifer and God used to be on the same side. Until the sin of jealousy came over the angel Lucifer and he became jealous over god’s power. This caused him to leave god and go down to hell. This eventually leds to the death of Jesus by the devil.

The article makes points  of different things of the devil. For example the point of   Satan attacks mankind. The devil can possess people and control them. Also the death of Jesus led by the devil causing the rage of god. The devil though is believed by the writer of the article that the devil will eventually discontinue.