My faith

Over the years I have been attending catholic schools but at the same time being a faithful Lutheran. Though I was somewhat able to express myself somewhat during the presentation in class it is still different from what my actually faith is like. I know more about the Catholic  faith then the Lutheran faith as I experience it everyday but only experience Lutheran faith on Sunday during mass.

Having conflicting religions has made it difficult to remember the differences from each other and getting the faiths mixed up. Though the minor details have separated the two faiths, they are still very similiar in  main beliefs. Both still believe in one god and the trinity and the Bible. But the difference is in the sacraments as the Lutheran faith only has 2 sacraments that we believe is neeeded but Catholics have seven sacraments.

These two faiths may be different but through education and faith I have learned how closely related these religions actually are and how they can be unique but similar.


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